Fit Over 40 with Coach Clarence

Dating Misconceptions

June 23, 2021 Clarence Ferguson Season 2 Episode 48
Fit Over 40 with Coach Clarence
Dating Misconceptions
Show Notes

What's real and what's not when it comes to dating in 2021?  There are 5 key ingredients to this recipe:

How men and women set themselves up for dating failure; don't be fake

  • Honesty about where you rank in terms of looks.
  • Be careful about using filters.  No one wants to be scared when you meet in person and look nothing like that 1992 picture you posted from high school or you're really 5'7" instead of your proclaimed 6'1" height
  • If you're new to dating or just getting back into the swing of it after Covid it's important, especially for men as they are visual beings, to include full body pics instead of just your face. Women want honesty as well especially when it comes to height, if you have kids & do you really have a job?
  • Income, politics, and race honest

Direct messaging is different for both men & women

  • What is someone really saying or asking
  • What both men and women want once you start a conversation
  • Can you say too much or show too much

The pros and cons of honesty upfront

  • Is it appropriate or do you like it when someone is very sexual before meeting or is it just fun flirting?
  • What about sharing your private parts in a picture?
  • Clarence discusses it all.

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