Fit Over 40 with Coach Clarence

Fun with Tara Hitchcock

November 09, 2021 Clarence Ferguson Season 2 Episode 64
Fit Over 40 with Coach Clarence
Fun with Tara Hitchcock
Show Notes

TV personality & current host of “Behind the Screens” for Harkins Theaters, Tara Hitchock, joins Coach Clarence for a lively discussion on just about everything.  Here are some of the topics you won’t want to miss.

Social Media

  • Tara’s thoughts on social media…the good, the bad & the increase in engagement when posting a “Your Story” 
  • Social media can be stressful at times especially when competing with others to be first
  • What was Clarence’s post that received the most views? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Arizona Sports

  • Tara loves the Cardinals, Coach Clarence is a Cowboys’ fan
  • Don’t miss Tara’s theory on Larry Fitzgerald playing again

Must-See Movies

  • “American Underdog” is the story of Kurt & Brenda Warner out Christmas Day
  • “Dune”
  • “West Side Story”
  • “House of Gucci”
  • “Ghostbusters: Afterlife”


  • Tara’s favorite travel spots
  • Why she likes traveling alone 
  • Her recent trip to Spain & where she really wants to go someday
  • Coach Clarence has never been to Grand Canyon or Hawaii. What???

Silver Circle Award

  • Getting inducted into the Rocky Mountain NATAS Chapter
  • Lifetime Achievement award

Goals for the New Year

  • Starts with intention
  • Why you should write your goals down
  • The importance of being present & engaged

Food, Yoga, Biking & Cellulite

  • What is Tara’s “happy place” & why