Fit Over 40 with Coach Clarence

Grooming Isn’t Just for Women

November 02, 2021 Clarence Ferguson Season 2 Episode 63
Fit Over 40 with Coach Clarence
Grooming Isn’t Just for Women
Show Notes

Coach Clarence is always well-groomed & takes pride in his appearance. He shares some helpful hints that seem pretty basic but not a lot of men do them on a regular basis or at all. Here is his Top 10 grooming list for men.

   #1  Nose & ear trimming

  • You can do this yourself, consult an esthetician or have your barber help you

   #2  Trim your eyebrows

  • Unibrows are NOT sexy!
  • Consult a professional if you don’t think you can do it yourself

   #3  Hair & beard trimming

  • Keep your beard clean. Nothing says “Don’t kiss me” like yesterday’s dinner caught in all that fuzz. 
  • Get regular haircuts & if your bald shave as often as necessary for a smoother look & feel

   #4  Keep your nails clean

  • Getting a mani/pedi on a regular basis 2x a month is best. If that doesn’t work for you just keep your nails short & trimmed.
  • If you have a job where you get a lot of dirt under your nails clean under them every day especially before a meal, date, or at bedtime
  • Take care of that cracked, dry skin on your heels. There are products for that or soak them in warm water & then moisturize

   #5  Brush & floss your teeth

  • Dentists recommend brushing 3x a day 
  • Morning & evening before you go to bed may be an option as well


  #6  Wear clothes that fit correctly

  • Find a good tailor
  • Invest in a stylist to see what colors, looks & trends are best for you

   #7  Posture, posture posture

  • Standing up straight makes you look better & also shows confidence
  • Remind yourself often if you feel yourself slouching or find your shoulders hunched over

   #8  Wash your face everyday morning & night

  • Use cleanser, toner & moisturizer

    #9  Fragrance

  • Less is more
  • Try using oils instead of cologne since they aren’t as drying & last longer

    #10  Your belt should match your shoes

  • If you’re wearing a black belt wear black shoes
  • No droopy drawers, pull them up

Coach Clarence also shares some of his favorite products for all parts of your face & body including Fresh Balls. What’s that you ask…you’ll have to listen to find ou!